I am a senior/lead product designer. I specialize in designing and developing exciting ideas for companies and startups. My work includes a blend of user experience design, interaction design, and interface design

I have worked on everything from a small startup inside a barn in Mountain view to a billion dollar tech giant.

My Process


I am a believer in research first. This includes, academic research, competitive analysis, cross field comparisons, and user research. I encourage all members of my teams to participate in research, vetting ideas, and pointing out trends.


I always strive to generate a large number of ideas early in the process. Good is a comparative term, so to find a good idea, we need choices to compare against.


Many ideas sound good in presentations, but fall apart once in development. This sort of problem can be avoided by prototyping early and often.


Making sure concepts, designs, and interactions are well documented and developed isn't the final stage, but a jumping off point to start the process over again with research, because developing software is an iterative process.

Software I Use Everyday









CSS // I have years of experience at various scales

JavaScript // My go to language for quick protypes and interactions

Canvas // Some things are faster to prototype with programming rather than After Effects

Python // I mostly use python for data and text manipulation

PHP // Only if I have to, enough said


B.A. Graphic Design // California College of the Arts

B.A. Psychology // UC Davis

B.A. Political Philosophy // UC Davis

The combination of the three degrees lends me an edge in product design, by combining design, user experience, and critical thinking.